How to Reach Casa alla Cascata, In Campii, Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland
Self-Catering Holiday Apartment, Fam. Ciampi, tel. +41 (0)91 796 36 58
Address: Fam. Ciampi, Casa alla Cascata, In Campii ("Via Campii" in some sat navs), 6673 Maggia,
Ticino, Switzerland

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Our GPS coordinates: N46º14.941', E008º42.426'

General map:

At Locarno train station, catch bus number 315 to “Valle Maggia”.

Get off the bus at Maggia in front of the COOP/Raiffeisen bank.
Walk uphill up the main road directly behind the bus stop.

At the crossroads, take the narrow road straight ahead of you (leading slightly uphill). Follow the road until you reach a fork with a bright yellow house in the middle. Turn left (you will now see a small church straight in front of you) and walk towards the church.

At the fork with the church in the middle, bear right of the church (uphill) and follow the road uphill (later signposted as In Campii) almost to the top, looking out for a fountain on your right.

From the fountain, Casa alla Cascata is in the second private road on your left (about 30 m uphill from the fountain). The house is a light apricot colour (orangey yellow) and is to the left (seen from below) of the orange house (Casa Pedemonte).


As soon as you exit the tunnel leading into Locarno, follow the sign reading “Centovalli/Valle Onsernone/Vallemaggia (Maggia)”. In Ponte Brolla, carry on straight towards Vallemaggia.

Take the first right turning into Maggia just before the small church (A: see map below) (if you have reached the COOP you have gone too far).

Carry on straight for 800 metres until you see a narrow lane on your right called “La Caraa di Sacarütt” (between a fountain and a dark red house (C), opposite "Via Campagna"): the road then changes name to “La Caraa di Crött”.

Follow the road all the way up. Eventually you will reach a crossroads with a refuse collection point on your right. At the crossroads, turn right into “In Campii” and drive up the hill.

After the fountain (E) on your right, Casa alla Cascata is in the second private road on your left. The house is a light apricot colour (orangey yellow) and is left of the orange house (Casa Pedemonte).

Casa alla Cascata, Maggia, Vallemaggia
X: Bridge across the Maggia River (to Aurigeno/Moghegno)
A: Small church
B: Parking spaces
C: Dark red house (with a small fountain opposite)
D: Parking spaces, glass and refuse collection point, crossroads
E: Fountain (on your right)