Holiday house in the Maggia Valley - Valle Maggia, Tessin - Ticino

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Holiday Apartment
Casa alla Cascata
Rated 4 stars by the Swiss Tourist Board

Via Campii, CH-6673 Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland,




Polydron -  The educational geometrical construction toy (invented by my father, Edward H. Harvey, in 1973)



Organic WATER KEFIR GRAINS to make your own declicious fizzy probiotic drink. Kefir grains
Organic MILK KEFIR GRAINS to make your own delicious kefir. Kefir is similar to yoghurt but healthier as it contains far more probiotics. Milk kefir grains (organic)
Lip balm* (grapeseed oil, bees' wax, lanolin, 100% pure and natural essential oil (lavander, orange etc.); either glossy or matt), 5 ml bees' wax lip balm, 5 ml
Nourishing hand balm*  (grapeseed oil/olive oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, bees' wax, lanolin, 100% pure and natural essential oil (lavander, orange etc.)), 40 ml nourishing hand cream with lanolin and bees' wax, 40 ml
Scooby-doo keyrings;
Knotted keyrings;
Dog toys

(made by our daughters)

scooby-doo keyrings

Knotted keyrings

Dog toys

Wrist warmers (100% virgin wool)

wrist warmers

Cuttings/seeds of various plants  


*: freshly made, without preservatives






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