Maggia, Switzerland

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Maggia   |   The Maggia Valley

Maggia and the Maggia Valley


Casa alla Cascata mit 4 Sternen vom Schweizer Tourismusverband ausgezeichnet / Rated 4 stars by the Swiss Tourist Board

Via Campii, CH-6673 Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland,




Maggia Tessin Ferienwohnung

Maggia village, Ticino, Switzerland

Altitude: 330 m
Population: approx. 800 inhabitants
Language spoken: Italian (although German is understood by many people)

The village of Maggia was first documented back in 1225. The nearby village of Moghegno features a vast necropolis dating back to II/III AD.

Why Maggia?

Maggia is situated in the Ticino region of southern Switzerland, renowned for its Mediterranean climate.

The picturesque village is centrally located...

Locarno: 15 minutes by car
Ascona:15 minutes
Lake Maggiore: 15 minutes
Brissago: 20 minutes
Foroglio: 25 minutes
Bosco Gurin: 35 minutes
Bellinzona: 25 minutes
Lugano: 35 minutes
Cannobio (Italy): 30 minutes
Intra (Italy): 45 minutes

... well equipped...

• Tourist office
• 3 supermarkets (COOP/Migros/Denner)
• Chemist
• 2 doctors
• Post office
• Bank (Raiffeisen)
• 3 restaurants in the immediate vicinity
• Bars
• Bakery/confectioner's shop
• 2 hairdressers
• Month-long International Blues Festival in July/August
• Crystal-clear river and various waterfalls and bathing locations
• Various hiking routes
• Easy to reach by public transport (bus from Locarno train station)

... and well situated in an idyllic landscape...

     • Located in possibly the widest section of the Maggia Valley, consequently among the sunniest

Driving directions


The Maggia Valley

Maggia Valley: Click to enlarge! (and then click again)

The Maggia Valley (Vallemaggia or Valmaggia in Italian, Maggiatal in German) begins at the hamlet of Ponte Brolla (10 minutes north-west of Locarno) and runs north-westwards, branching out into various smaller valleys (Val Bavona, Valle di Peccia, Val Lavizzara, Val Rovana, Val di Campo, Val Sambuco).

The valley is dotted with small picturesque villages with traditional stone houses, vineyards and dairy farms.

Tall waterfalls are a common sight in the valley as many mountain streams feed the Maggia River throughout its course. In a distance of less than 40 kilometers the Maggia River runs from the foot of an alpine glacier to Lake Maggiore, beginning with tundra plants at its source and finishing with tropical palm trees at its mouth.

In the mid-19th century due to food shortage, economic hardship and an unsustainable population, many families emigrated to Australia and the Americas. According to historians, the number of inhabitants in the valley sunk from 10,000 in 1700 to 4500 in 1950.

The largest industries of the valley after tourism are stone quarrying and dairy production.

More information

More history (in German, French and Italian)





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