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Casa alla Cascata mit 4 Sternen vom Schweizer Tourismusverband ausgezeichnet / Rated 4 stars by the Swiss Tourist Board

Via Campii, CH-6673 Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland,



Grottos (Taverns) and Restaurants


Grotto Pozzasc, Peccia
Grotto Pozzasc (, 6695 Peccia, Tel.: 091 755 16 04

30 minutes from Maggia, up the Maggia Valley

  • Simple but delicious local dishes (polenta, brasato, local cheese and wine), pizzoccheri
  • Polenta cooked over the fire
  • Idyllic setting by a turquoise stream
  • Stone tables and benches overlooking the river
  • Very well priced

This tavern will remain a highlight of your stay in the valley!



Antico Grotto Mai Morire, Avegno, Vallemaggia


Antico Grotto Mai Morire, 6670 Avegno, Tel.: 091 796 15 37

10 minutes from Maggia, towards Locarno

  • Variety of local specialities


Ristorante - Eco Hotel Cristallina, Coglio, Vallemaggia


Eco Hotel Cristallina (, 6678 Coglio, Tel.: 091 753 11 41

5 minutes from Maggia, up the Maggia Valley

  • Variety of  specialities (local and foreign)

Closed: Wednesdays



Ristorante Unione, Gordevio, Maggiatal


Ristorante Unione, 6672 Gordevio, Tel.: 091 753 25 98

5 minutes from Maggia, towards Locarno

  • Indoor and outdoor seating

  • Peaceful setting; Stone tables and benches covered by a canopy of kiwi vines

  • Variety of local specialities, including locally bred Highland cattle



Welcome to Casa alla Cascata!


Osteria Grotto Al Bosco, 6670 Avegno, Tel.: 091 780 72 44

10 minutes from Maggia, towards Locarno, next to Grotto Mai Morire

  • Variety of local specialities



Welcome to Casa alla Cascata!


Ristorante da Enzo, Ponte Brolla, 6652 Tegna

Tel.: 091 796 14 75

15 minutes from Maggia, towards Locarno

  • Exquisite cuisine
  • Beautiful garden
  • Upper price bracket


Welcome to Casa alla Cascata!


Trattoria Vattagne, Via Vattagne 43, 6652 Tegna/Ponte Brolla

Tel.: 079 463 24 73 / 091 780 72 10

15 minutes from Maggia, towards Locarno

  • Excellent cuisine (local Ticinese, Italian and barbecue)

Closed: Tuesdays


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Local specialities

Ticino Gastronomia Guide





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