Ticino's specialitites

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Local products / SPEZIALITÄTEN /



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Wine and other drinks

  • Merlot (intense ruby-red wine)

  • Americana red

  • Chardonnay

  • Bondola

  • Pinot Noir

More about wine from Ticino
List of wine cellars (page 10)

  • Grappa (distillate of American grapes), alcoholic strength of around 45% volume (More information)

  • Nocino or ratafia (infusion of American grappa and the hull of walnuts) (More information)

  • Gazzosa (local lemon soda)



  • Salami and mortadella (air dried sausages)

  • Cotechini (pork sausages)

  • Mortadella and luganiga (sausages)

  • Dried meat (beef and horse)

  • Coppa (pork sausage)

  • Lard

  • Flat and rolled bacon

  • Pork salametti

  • Horse meat

  • Deer and wild boar



  • Goat's cheese

  • Zincarlin (fresh cheese mixed with parsley, garlic and pepper)



  • Used in bread, cakes, marmellade and beer as well as roasted



  • Chestnut honey (very distinctive full-bodied flavour)

  • Black locust or acacia honey (virtually colourless with a fine delicate fragrance)

  • Lime-honey (light brown and appreciated by those who find black locust honey too sweet and the chestnut variety too strong)



  • Vallemaggia pepper mix (available for example at Punto Verde in Cevio)

  • Minestrone (vegetable soup)

  • Busecca

  • Risotto

  • Marinated fish

  • Vitello tonnato

  • Polenta

  • Breadcake

  • Bread made from wheat, spelt and rye flour

  • Cereals: maize and rice

  • Medicinal herbs


Local specialities

Ticino Gastronomia Guide



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