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Casa alla Cascata mit 4 Sternen vom Schweizer Tourismusverband ausgezeichnet / Rated 4 stars by the Swiss Tourist Board

Via Campii, CH-6673 Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland, www.valle-maggia.ch



Maggia Waterfall

Maggia Waterfall, Maggia Valley, Ticino







(2 minutes' walk through the woods behind Casa alla Cascata)

What better way to chill out in the hot summer months than in the crystal-clear refreshing water of the spectacular Maggia Waterfall, just two minutes' walk through the woods behind the house. You can also sun-bathe on the large, smooth boulder rocks.

You can choose from the deep pool directly below the waterfall, the mid-depth pool further down or the pebble-floored shallow pool at the bottom. Nature's own spa!

The waterfall flows into the Maggia River below, which has several popular bathing locations.



Hiking in the mountains

Chapel above Maggia

Twenty minutes' walk up an attractive mountain path overlooking vineyards and rustic stone roofs lies a small chapel offering...


View from chapel above Maggia

...a spectacular view of Maggia village...


Valle del Salto, Maggia, Ticino

This is the starting point of a relatively even circular walk around the Valle del Salto (approx. 8km; the base for hikes to mountains reaching heights of over 2000m and a mountain pass to the Verzasca Valley), the side valley that feeds the waterfall. This route offers breathtaking mountain views, ....


Valle del Salto above Maggia

... characteristic stone houses (rustici), several mountain streams and secluded pools of bright turquoise water..


Stone bridge above Maggia Waterfall

Next to the chapel is a deep, narrow gorge - the top of the waterfall. From a beautiful ancient stone bridge you can watch the rushing water sculpt the rock below into fascinating curves and hollows. The amazing craftsmanship of this winding bridge and the powerful forces of nature all around create an enchanting, awe-inspiring atmosphere that will take you back in time.



Sculpture course, village of Torricella (30 minutes' drive from Locarno), 6 days

Sculpture course, Ticino







Sculpture course, Ticino



How about a sculpture course to unleash your creativity?

Among the stone available for sculpting is sparkling white marble from the village of Peccia in the Maggia Valley.

No previous experience required: just a creative mind. All necessary materials are provided. Groups of 2-4 participants; courses are held in the sculptress's courtyard.

Visit sculptress and teacher Brigitte Allenbach's website:





Mountainbiking in Ticino Mountainbiking itineraries (German, Italian)

Rent a bike (closest pick-up point: Bignasco, Valle Maggia)


Prospectuses with more ideas (various languages)

Winter activities





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